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Roann at Home – Embrace Quartz Worktops for Effortless Maintenance

For those living busy and hectic lives, cleaning our kitchens is the last thing on our minds. Especially after a long day at work, and with the kids running around, scrubbing and cleaning our worktops really isn’t the priority. This is where your choice of kitchen surface becomes paramount, and quartz is the stress-free solution for your worktops that combines style, durability and ease of maintenance and cleaning.

Quartz worktops have become the preferred choice for families seeking a kitchen that not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but that also stands up to the demands of hectic daily life. If you’re thinking about replacing your worktops with a quartz alternative, our team is here to help you understand why its the ideal solution for your home. Below, we discuss why quartz worktops really do offer easy and stress-free kitchen care.

Low Maintenance

Unlike other worktop materials, quartz is extremely low-maintenance and easy to clean. This means that you won’t have to worry about spending hours cleaning and scrubbing your worktops to get that spill or stain off them. Regular cleaning with mild soap and water is all you need to keep your quartz worktops clean, using a soft cloth or sponge. You don’t need to use special or harsh cleaning agents, or vigorous scrubbing to keep your worktops looking great.

Stain Resistant

As well as being low maintenance, quartz is also stain resistant, making it ideal for busy, hectic family homes where things easily get spilt. Quartz resistance to stains extends beyond just liquids, to include common kitchen ingredients like oils, sauces, and even acidic substances. If a spill occurs, it can be easily wiped away without leaving permanent marks, making quartz worktops a practical choice for busy households. Its highly resistant to staining, meaning that you won’t have to worry about permanent marks being left on your worktops from a spillage.


Kitchen worktops get used a lot, meaning that they can often end up damaged, scratched and chipped just from general daily wear-and-tear. Quartz is an extremely durable material, and is very resistant to scratches and chips. The material’s hardness is what makes it less prone to damage, ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance over time. Its a material that is less prone to scratches and chipping compared to some other natural stones, so if you opt for quartz you can know you’re getting a very strong and durable surface.

Hygienic Surface

Kitchens are subject to mess and spills, which can mean bacteria and contamination. Busy homes with kids or lots of guests tend to encounter these kinds of messes, and by opting for a quartz worktop you can know that your surfaces will stay hygienic. Quartz doesn’t have any tiny pores or cracks where bacteria, viruses or food particles can accumulate and thrive which makes it resistant to the absorption of contaminants, liquids and stains. This ensures that your kitchen will remain a safe and sanity space for food preparation, and that any messes are super easy to clean. You can relax knowing that you’re preventing the buildup of harmful microorganisms and bacteria on your worktops when you choose quartz.

Consistent Appearance

We want our kitchen worktops to look aesthetically pleasing and problem-free, making quartz worktops ideal. They have a consistent and uniform appearance, without any natural variations or crevices that need to be addressed. This consistency not only contributes to their aesthetic appeal, but it also simplifies theri maintenance as it means there won’t be any irregularities in appearance. They’re engineered and manufactured to have a consistent and solid appearance, making them an appealing choice for those who want durability in their kitchens.

Enjoy Stress-Free Kitchen Care with Quartz Worktops at Roann at Home

Your kitchen experience should be stress and hassle-free, and with quartz worktops this becomes a whole lot easier. If you’d like to enjoy truly stress-free kitchen care, and a quick maintenance and cleaning experience then why not upgrade your kitchen worktops with Roann at Home? We provide customers with premium quartz worktops, so that spending time in your kitchen becomes enjoyable and not a chore.

Whatever type of kitchen you have, we will be sure to have quartz worktops that match your interior style. Whether you’re searching for black worktops, white worktops, grey worktops, cream worktops, or patterned worktops then we will be sure to have an option for you. We only work with the top leading suppliers in the industry, including Silestone, Fugen, and Compac to really bring you the best of the best.

All of our quartz worktops are of the highest quality, stylish and durable; ensuring to last you for many years to come. Our expert team provides our customers with our UK wide fitting service, to get your new worktops fitted quickly and efficiently so that you can get to using them. If you’d like to learn more about our range of premium quartz worktops at Roann at Home, head over to our website today.

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