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Silestone Et. Marquina


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ET. Serena Silestone boasts a chic grey foundation interwoven with subtle white marbling. This superior finish contributes to its charm, establishing it as a prime selection for various uses in both home and business settings. It is exceptionally suitable for areas like kitchens, bathrooms, entry halls, laundry areas, and mudrooms, and is equally adaptable for other spaces in residential and commercial buildings.

The Silestone work surface exudes an enduring charm, effortlessly blending into design themes from traditional to modern. Its maintenance simplicity, combined with persistent durability and fashion, guarantees its continued attractiveness. The understated yet unique hue and pattern of ET. Serena Silestone enable its flexible application in a multitude of settings, including kitchen worktops, backsplashes, floors, wall coverings, window sills, bathroom areas, front desks, and various commercial surfaces.


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