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Silestone Brass Relish

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Silestone Brass Relish presents a unique quartz surface, boasting a brown tone that resembles limestone, adorned with subtle speckles. This feature aligns seamlessly with both contemporary and vintage design aesthetics. The worktop showcases a rich tapestry of brown veins, interspersed with grey, beige, and shimmering gold and metallic nuances, lending a touch of elegance and sophistication suitable for modern interiors.

This worktop offers a diverse palette, ranging from classic brown and understated grey to striking cream and gold, creating patterns that evoke the essence of sandstone infused with brass. Crafted from a mixture of natural quartz, Brass Relish not only mimics the beauty of natural stone but also enhances it with greater durability and uniformity.

Silestone Brass Relish stands out from other stones like limestone or sandstone due to its exceptional hardness and resilience to daily wear and tear. It’s especially practical for busy kitchens, as it can endure high temperatures, spills, and impacts, maintaining its integrity without succumbing to damage or scratches.


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